A year in review 2016

The year 2016 is (almost) over [1].

It has been one hell of a year.  What with Brexit [2], Trump and the death of so many of our much-loved celebrities, the year 2016 has been rather demonised [3].
There have, however,  also been some good highlights of 2016. Here are just a hand-count few:-
In the blogosphere it's been a busy year too, with many geek experience points awarded, and various of my own projects on the go.  Here are few superdecade games posts that deserve more love...

I made an ASCII personal assistant program in BASIC
Say 'hullo', Susan.

I mucked around with the Raspberry Pi computer (a lot)

2016 was the year of the Raspberry Pi

I made a chatbot

Say 'hullo', Mac.

I had tremendous fun with a BBC 'Master' series microcomputer

The awesome BBC Master 128, shown here running the menu screen for Elite.

I got a micro:bit...
Just one of my micro:bit projects, the plant moisture sensor.

I had tremendous fun with the Arduino starter kit, and fully intend to get back to building something useful soon.

Perpetual calendar, packed-full of useful information, with the Pagan calendar version coming soon.

...and I poked fun at Donald Trump

The most frightening Halloween, ever.

Wishing all my nerdy readers a happy, prosperous and geeky 2017.

1. If you are reading this in a future, post-apocalyptic world, then kudos to you for getting the Internet working again. +1 geek experience point for you, but please look out for mutant cockroaches.
2. I am not sure what this means, however I am told that this means 'Brexit' but I have no further information (see note 1 above).
3. why so many celebrity deaths? It's because there are more celebrities